Wilhelmshavn PSI data from Terrafirma project

This is PSI data for Wilhelmshavn, Germany. It has been provided by Hansje Brinker BV as part of the ESA funded Terrafirma project.
Geoscientific information
8.01379343297, 53.386453017, 8.21268634742, 53.7050087677
publication: 2011-11-09, revision: 2011-11-09, creation: 2011-11-09
British Geological Survey
email: lbateson@bgs.ac.uk
Role: distributor
European Space Agency
Hansje Brinker
email: info@hansjebrinker.com
Role: processor

Data Quality

Data produced as part of ESA Terrafirma project. The PSI processing has been carried out by Hansje Brinker BV (info@hansjebrinker.com). PSI processing used 31 scenes of TSX data. Number of of points = 84755, Point density = 1404 PS/km2, Reference point location is lon: 8.12377, lat: 53.52379. Terrafirma service providers have been validated by the ESA funded ValProj (http://www.terrafirma.eu.com/product_validation.htm) and passed an assessment to be a certified service provider.
: 10 m


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