X-Ray micro-CT data and simulation files for paper 'Representative elementary volumes, hysteresis and heterogeneity in multiphase flow from the pore to continuum scale'

Grant: NE/N016173/1.The data presented herein comprises raw and segmented X-Ray micro-CT data, CMG simulation files and Matlab processing files for the paper 'Representative elementary volumes, hysteresis and heterogeneity in multiphase flow from the pore to continuum scale'. The data is organised as Core 1 and Core 2 respectively. Full core scans are obtained at a resolution of 6 microns. Region of interest (ROI) scans are obtained at 3.45 micron and 2 micon (core 1) and 3.5 micron (core 2). Resolution information is contained within the file names. Voxel sizes in the image files can be changed to match these values. Experimental post-processing files contain the upscaled saturations and porosity values in 3D, which are used in the paper. It also contains the pore-filling analysis. The CMG simulation files contain the input deck, 3D digitial core information (porosity, capillary pressure) needed to simulate both the drainage and imbibition core floods, with corresponding Matlab analysis files. These are Bentheimer outcrop cores obtained from Shell, Amsterdam. It is a shallow marine rock, deposited during the Lower Cretaceous. It outcrops between Enschede and Schoonenbeek in the Netherlands.
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publication: 2019-11-05
2018-09-01 - 2019-09-20
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Imperial College London
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The microCT data is obtained at a resolution of 6um on two Bentheimer cores. It consists of dry, high-salinity and fractional flow scans of the core. The high-salinty scan was obtained when the cores were fully saturated with high-salinty (30 wt% KI) brine. Following this, Decane (99.9% pure) and Brine (3.5 wt% KI) are injected at a fixed flow rate of 0.1 ml/min, in increasing fractional flows of Decane (fo = 0.05, 0.5, 1) in a drainage process. The fractional flow is then decreased (fo = 0.95, 0.5, 0) in an imbibition processes. Once steadty-state has been reached the full core scans are obtained. At each steady-state, Region-of-Interest, high resolution scans are also taken, with resolutiion indicated in the file names.
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