HotLime Case Study 1 Center: Central Molasse Basin Upper Jurassic footwall geothermal reservoir (Bavarian part)

Results of mapping and assessment of the cross-border (DE/AT) hydrothermal play in the Upper Jurassic carbonates beneath the central part of the North Alpine Molasse Basin (HotLime Case Study 1).
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GeoERA - GeoEnergy
Geothermal base assessment
Molasse Basin
9.690, 47.527, 13.469, 48.990
publication: 2021-06-30
Map sets, cross-sections and accompanied vocabulary of cross-border HotLime Case Study 1, jointly prepared by the Geological Survey Organisations in charge, based on the available information within the respective country/region.
Bavarian Environment Agency (LfU)
, Germany
Role: point of contact

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Spatial information on the Bavarian part of the hydrothermal play underneath the Central Molasse Basin: depth and thickness of reservoir, fault networks and temperature distribution at top of reservoir, calculated Heat-in-Place and facies distribution, supplemented by cross-sections and semantic web vocabularies.
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Bavarian Environment Agency (LfU)
Augsburg, Germany
Role: point of contact

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